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Plumbing Upgrades Your Miami Handyman Can Help You With

Plumbing upgrades miami handyman can help

So you love your Miami home and there's not much you'd want to change about it. When full-scale remodeling isn't necessary, it's the little changes that make a big difference. Maybe there are a few plumbing upgrades that would make it more convenient and comfortable.

Installing some creature comforts could be just the right type of home improvement for you. This is where hiring a Miami Handyman can really pay off. You don't have to take on the full expense of a remodeling company but you get access to the same skill set in a contractor who's willing to take on the small jobs. Here are a few plumbing upgrade ideas that your handyman can surely help you with.

Out With That Annoying Kitchen Faucet, In With A Highly Functional One

Dealing with a kitchen faucet that blocks access to the sink is incredibly annoying. You always wind up knocking the faucet around as you try to navigate the pots and pans into the sink. Just putting water in a pot for the stove is frustrating. Then, the flimsy faucet sticks when you try to swing it away.

Why not ask your handyman to replace the faucets in your house? Whether you just need the kitchen faucet replaced or those in all the bathrooms too, it's a quick and affordable option that will really make a difference. You know that spout that barely reaches far enough over the bathroom sink? Gone. That shower head you can't stand? Gone. The spray head on the kitchen sink that hangs up when you try to pull the hose out? Gone.

Replacing The Garbage Disposal

Do you know how old the garbage disposal is? Be honest. Take a look at the rubber strainer flange at the bottom of the sink on the disposal side. Is it deteriorated or is it fresh and springy? How often does the sink drain backup? All these things are signs that it's time to replace the garbage disposal. This also a quick and affordable plumbing upgrade that your handyman would be glad to help you with.

Upgrading Your Toilets

Listen, old toilets just don't flush very well. If one of your toilets has been through some years of use and abuse, why not go ahead and replace it? There are water-saving toilets available today that work amazingly well. Swoosh! Another problem gone.

As the holidays approach, you and your family will enjoy your home much more if you solve some of these little things. Let's get started on some plumbing upgrades today.

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