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Tips To Choose Your New Colors For Remodeling

Tips choose new colors remodeling

During most remodeling projects, the home's decorative scheme will change. Walls will be painted or textured to a different color.

Remodeling offers you a wonderful opportunity to have a brand new look for your home's exterior and interior. Changing paint colors brings about a huge change.

But many homeowners have difficulty deciding on paint schemes because choosing colors can be difficult. Many will choose a certain color, but find out after the work is done that it just doesn't look right.

Litehouse Painting is a local Miami Valley, OH painting contractor who loves to offer tips and information to homeowners who are renovating or making changes.

Instead of advising you technically about the color wheel and all about color, we'd rather help you figure out what's right for you personally.

Here are some tips you can use to find the right paint colors for your Miami Valley remodeling project.

1. Use the colors of nature.

If you were to live in the mountains, you'd want to choose natural colors like shades of green or even earth tones of the Fall season like oranges and browns.

However, living in the Miami Valley area means you are near the ocean. This is why so many homes choose coastal color schemes here. You can use subtle colors like sand white or creams and bring in contemporary pops of color like aquamarine, purple and sunset colors of pinks and reds. Yellow fits into this scheme nicely as well.

2. Start with one paint color first when planning to remodel.

Remember that in choosing colors for remodeling, you'll be picking shades that compliment or contrast each other but go well together. This means choosing one color first may be the ideal way to find the right scheme.

What is your favorite color? If you don't know, think about what colors you find pleasing or feel the most comfortable in. Where do you like to spend time? Is there a favorite place from childhood that you remember where you felt safe and happy? What colors are you drawn to when looking at remodeling photographs or showrooms?

3. Once you find a single color, add two more.

One of the colors you will be choosing next will be used for trim when remodeling. Or, you can choose the first color for the trim and use this for the main color.

The second color should compliment the first color and look good with it. Avoid primary colors unless it is for young children's rooms.

4. Choose a third color for pops of color.

The third color and any other colors you may want to add to the remodeling plans will be for pops of color throughout the home. This is best left for upholstery, paintings, or other decorative features.

With the right choices during remodeling, you'll have just what you need for a home that is changed to suit you. Remodeling can be fun and exciting, so don't let it stress you out! If you need any help and you live in the Miami Valley area, feel free to call our experts at Litehouse Painting any time.

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